Irrigation System


Mulch and pine straw

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Irrigation System

Whether you have an old lawn irrigation system or you’re looking to implement one for the first time, our team of experienced technicians can provide reliable, money-saving solutions for peace of mind when it comes to your sprinkler installation. 

Paver Installation

Torres Irrigation and Landscape is the leading pavers installer, Torres Irrigation and Landscape provide the best quality paver installation services in that can beautify your home. With more than 18 years of service providing professional paver installations in Georgia , have left our customers satisfied with the final results.

Mulch and pine straw

Chances are you’ve seen mulch in gardens, but if you’ve ever wondered what its purpose is, you’ve come to the right place! The main benefit of mulch comes from its ability to preserve soil moisture, but it also helps combat weed growth and improve soil health, as well as serving as a visually interesting addition to your lawn.

Lawn Care

We apply only research-proven treatments and state-of-the-industry practices in our care and maintenance of your property. Because that’s the dependable route to a lush, green, and sustainably healthy lawn.

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Grass Instalation

Replacement and installation of your natural or syntetic grass, we are the right company for do the best services in GA. Call us now and get more information about all our professional services, we can exceed all your expectation dream.

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Drainage Pipe